Welcome to the Cuboyo community!

Cuboyo is the platform where designers of objects meet consumers who have a 3D Printer at home!

How it works

On Cuboyo, you will find a whole array of 3D object files that you can print at your convenience anytime you want.
Objects from a 3D printer are made of biodegradable plastic and are environmentally friendly. They also reduce CO2 emissions by eliminating shipping.

Download and enjoy your objects in minutes!

Why Cuboyo ?

You're a Maker




Search your desired object by browsing the Categories and Themes. The object is associated with an .stl file.

Download your object file to your computer once you’ve selected it.

Print your object on your 3D Printer

You're a Designer




Create an object with the help of a designer software. Have the corresponding file as an .stl file.Make sure you follow the Designer Guidelines.

Upload your .stl file on Cuboyo website. Choose its corresponding Category and Themevand describe the object as precisely as possible.

Every time your object is downloaded by a new user you will be rewarded. Please see the Company commercial policy.